April 16, 2014


The Blackthorn has been in its full glory in the hedgerows and water meadows behind my house for a couple of weeks now, and with the bright blue skies, it is looking so beautiful.

I have blogged about my blackthorn love before, but every year it is such a welcome sight - incongruously delicate blossoms unfurling on the brutish spikey branches - marking the transition from winter to spring for me. I love the unexpected contrasts of delicacy and starkness, winter and spring, darkness against the pale blooms. And without any leaves it almost looks like a flurry of snow has dusted the hedgerows, it is all just such an unexpected combination, and every year I love it all over again!

I have made jewellery incorporating blackthorn leaves, in fact they were one of my earliest designs.

but those delicate, five petalled blooms are really calling my name, especially perched as they are on the spikey twigs...

It will be an interesting challenge to capture that delicacy in metal! But, ohmygoodness, aren't they beautiful?