June 16, 2015

the year in books: june 2015

My May book was Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel - a beautifully written journal of one English meadow through the year. Being a meadow loving gal I was always going to adore this book, but this is more than an an exquisitly phrased love song to a particular meadow, it is a reminder of the importance of these disappearing landscapes for biodiversity and the incredible profundity of the effects these spaces have on how we feel in ourselves and towards the land that supports our existence. None of this is preachy or even intended, the focus is simply on one man's observations and emotional responses to the life of the meadow and all that inhabit it. Whilst it is lyrical and keenly observed, it is also quite pithy and unsparing of the daily, (often nightly) murder and mayhem that goes on in this patch of land, so it is not sentimental or soppy. It really is a stunning read, and separated into chapters for each month, is a really lovely way to deepen one's sense of the year's changing seasons, so I am going to re-read it as the months go by, chapter by monthly chapter. If you are interested in nature, and in our human interaction with it, I recommend you get yourself a copy!

My book for June is another book full of birds, H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, I have already got about half way through and am absolutely blown away by it, so this looks like a winner too! For more interesting reads, pop by the lovely Circle of Pines Trees blog, and check out the #yearinbooks on twitter. Any great books on your shelves at the moment, I'd love any recommendations for a good holiday read please? :)