September 15, 2014

September ♡

In the garden, the flower beds are sliding quietly into September's soft, careless arms. There are patches of sedums, dahlias and asters bursting into life and colour but elsewhere the anemones, foxgloves, roses, cosmos and lavender are beginning to look a bit wayward and their twisting stems and last blooms are reaching for the early autumn sunshine. I rather love the last gasp of jewel-coloured flowers flashing amongst the slowly curling leaves of decaying annual seedheads, and extravagant displays of rich, velvety dahlia blooms blowzing about in defiance of the browning foliage of other plants that are dying back for the year. There is just something so gloriously optimistic and defiant about their colourful confidence in the face of cooling weather, lower light and the sliding of the seasons. The final hurrah!

Suddenly the remaining flowers, the annual scabious, the dahlias and anemone and cosmos light up the borders like juicy fireworks!

Plants are beginning to list and tilt under the weight of their flowers and seedheads and the tumble of old and new growth is hard to  tame, lending the whole garden a tumbling, happily chaotic feel which feels somehow right this time of year.

Stems weave and twist amongst eachother to find the light.

The softer, slanting autumn light makes the garden look softly hazy and those 'mists and mellow fruitfulness'  are, as my youngest would say, 'an acktshel thing'!

England in September. Beautiful.